Contingent CXO - Scale

Through Simplicity

How stable is your operating structure?

Does it have the right foundations to support growth?

Creating scale within your operating model,
provides the platform for real growth.

Contingent CXO Offering

Rationalise Governance

Mitigate gaps
Stabilise foundations


Build structure
Develop flexibility


How you produce,
deliver, price

The Purpose - Scale vs. Growth

Scale is the ability for a company to flexibly adapt to market / Customer changes, expanding and contracting like a lung, in concentric circles of business focus.

This reflects a stable operating model, which in turn supports the more measurable objective of growth.

Governance functions need to be integrated to ensure constant awareness of and ability to act on risks.

Efficiency provides the ability to react to Customer and market demands.

Quality must be inherent quality at all levels, with the ability for staff to identify problems and 'stop the production line' as Toyota introduced with Lean Manufacturing.

Addressing these can include, though are not limited to:

  • Standardisation of procedures
  • Defining quality standards
  • Defining Customer engagement rules
  • Objectives for staff that directly relate to the 12 month roadmap
  • Monitor standards against documented procedures
  • Modify standards, from lessons learned

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