SCALE - Standarise Quality - Consistency

Quality is the standard of a product or service, from inception through to delivery

Servicing is the level of offering to a Customer.

Quality must be maintained at all levels of engagement, despite varying levels of offering.

Planning & Executing Quality

  • Determine core product offering - addressing a specific business problem
  • Identify respective aspects of production quality - industry standards, Customer expectations
  • Determine Customer expectations - quality included in base cost vs. what Customers will pay extra for
  • Determine quality enhancements, and evaluate cost of delivering & cost of servicing quality
  • Define and price into products and services
  • Maximise channel touchpoint quality, make all teams Customer centric, develop learning loops

Customer Centric

  • Review and redesign of existing Customer channels /
    touch points
  • Develop Customer personae - review, agree, continually
    fine tune
  • Development of quality standards for Customer facing staff
  • Enhancement of processes to be Customer centric
  • Customer reviews to feed into product development
  • Training to refocus internal & external facing staff to be Customer centric