The Team

Contingent CXO are an experienced a team of advisory consultants, planners and business delivery experts.

We've incorporated Contingent CXO (CCXO) because we're passionate about solving business challenges for SMEs, before they become operational or brand issues, by embracing the opportunity to leverage our deep experience.

We've found that many of these challenges are business agnostic, so work to help businesses get the answers they need, freeing their time and finding direction with the right resources and meaningful insights.

CCXO Principals

  • Exec-MBA qualified business manager, with 25 years of professional services and COO specialisms, extensive experience in strategic management roles across multiple industries, integrating operations and strategy through organisational change initiatives, to revamp delivery via product and process
  • Qualified Chartered Accountant, internal and external consulting specialist for over 25 years hands-on experience, with significant experience focused on business development, business process re-engineering, financial accounting and regulation
  • Senior Sales consultant, with SME and multinational experience, shaping businesses from conversion of sales through to product delivery. Repeatedly requested for the experience across many industries

Our experience comes from having faced a series of personal and business challenges that we've overcome, which have collectively shaped us and taught us how to reinvent organisations who have lost their direction.

Through direct exposure to evolving businesses, we’ve seen many may be great with one aspect but lacking in another, inhibiting their potential growth.

We've also learnt the hard way, through our own investments, teaching us what makes SMEs successful – bad business models make the simple sound complicated. Good business models articulate complex ideas simply.